Ride Home

He’d been gone all week and she missed him.   Thought their late night phone calls getting hotter and hotter as the week went on, and they were missing each other, she had only cum once all week and she was in need. As his return approached she began to plot what she wanted.  Oh, She was so ready. So turned on. So very wet waiting for him to come home. And when he did, she was going to satisfy her need.

She dressed in a short skirt, fuck me black heels, tank top, no bra, and the sexy new pink panties she bought that barely covered her sweet ass.  She met him at the airport, walking through to get to baggage, feeling the eyes of strangers on her made her wet, made her nipples stand up.  She spotted him and waved. A big smile across his face, his eyes wide open, in awe, She kissed him deep and told him how much she missed him.  Took his hand, they grabbed his bag and she  led him to the car.   She could see the bulge in his pants already and a wicked smile comes across her face. She brushes up against him and leans up and kisses him again, her hand lightly toucing his hardening cock.  He kisses her back firm.  her hand grasps his hardness. She breaks the kiss and tells him “You drive”.  Handing him the keys.

They slip into the car and pull out of the parking lot. As soon as they are on the road her hand is on his lap moving toward that bulge.  She takes it in her hand and squeezes, making him throb.   Pulling his rock hard cock out. Stroking him.  She releases for a moment, hiking her skirt a bit, spread her legs to tease him, his hand on her thigh, she pushes it away telling him to keep his hands on the wheel.  Taking her hands and running them up down her thighs, higher and higher. That skirt up around her waist.  Showing him her pink panties.  Showing him how wet they are. She pulls them off and drops them in his lap.  She spreads her legs wide and begins to play with herself with one hand and hold his cock with the other. Holding. Squeezing. Stroking as she played with her pussy all the while telling him how wet she was. How hot her pussy is, how hard his cock is. How she is going to fuck him so good. He can barely speak. He tries to touch her again and she moves his hands away. this time sitting up a bit and leaning over. She lowers her head to his lap. “Mmmm yes, this is what I need” she tells him as she takes his fat head in her mouth. Sucking him in. Swirling her tongue around. Taking him deeper, making him squirm and now grip that wheel tight. She suck his cock, tasting him, teasing him, running her tongue up and down his shaft.  She slips it out of her mouth and strokes him lightly.  Sits up, grabs the base of his cock, adn tells him she can’t wait.  She straddles him as he tries to continue to drive. “Let me pull over” he insists, but too late, she mounted him. Guiding that shaft in her wet pussy. She sunk down with a moan and began to ride him. Grunting, holding onto his shoulders.  His hands on the wheel. Whispering in his ear “give it to me” she moans. “Fuck yes” she yells as she rides his hard cock. His foot pressing the accelerator as she rides him faster and harder, his hands gripping the wheel. Faster and harder she fucks him with lust and uncontrollable desire. Needing to feel him explode in her. Speeding past their exit he holds the wheel with one hand and grips her ass withthe other. Guiding her, feeling her, grabbing her. ready to explode in her.  she pushes down hard, squeezes him in her, making her jerk, making him pump, making him cum in her as she moans.  As she floods his lap in her own orgasm. Feeling him so deep. Holding him tight, taking all his cum.  Milking him. Working him. Whispering in his ear. Telling him she not done with him yet. She pulls off him.  sits back in the passenger seat.

“Now turn around and lets get home… I want more. ” she tells him, dipping er fingers in her pussy, taking them out, so wet with their juices, bringing it to her lips and sucking them in her mouth.  Reaching over, feeling his cock, still hard for her. She knew it was gonna be a good night.

~ by darksideofthemind on June 2, 2010.

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