taking slave

She rented a hotel room, checked in, left him a key, went to her room  and got ready. He told her to be ready at precisely 7:oopm.  She had 2 hours to shower, dress, and prepare for His arrival.  She knew what to do, she touched showered and shaved for Him. Feeling her smooth skin, touching herself a bit, letting her mind wander for a moment.  She finished showering and dried off. She knew  what to wear and she was getting nervous and a bit aroused as she dressed for him.  She put on some music and kept her eye on the clock as she slid the fishnet stockings, really spiderweb stockings,  and black high heels on.  She slipped on the thin bikini panty, barely covering her ass.  Looked in the mirror, hoping she looked ok.  Looking in the mirror, she  grabbed and tugged her nipples, slapped them a bit,  making them hard, she took out the clothespins and attached one to each nipple.  Wincing in pain a bit at first she soon got used to ache.  Making her wet. Next, she placed her ball gag, plug, vibe,  leather strap, and crop on the bed. As the clock neared 7:00 she was ready, nervous, wet, and ready.

She knelt  as instructed  and waited for his arrival.  Each moment past 7:00 making her heart race. She put her face down and ass up and waited for him. The sound of the door lock clicking open startled and aroused her. Goosebumps shoot down her back. She hears the door close and hears his deeps, sexy voice “Hello slave”, her heart racing, she breathed, never looking up, “Hello Master”.  He walked to her. Looking down upon her. Looked over to the bed .. “very nice” he said.  His initial approval making her wet. He takes the crop in his hand and moves toward her. Starting at her feet he traces it along her soles. Up to her heel, along the back of her ankle and calf, admiring her sexy legs.  He lays the crop upon her ass. Soaking in her beauty. Her perfect ass. So damn spankable. Without warning he struck her. The crop coming down on her white flesh. Striking her.  She gasped light, whimpered a bit, then felt his hand caress her ass. All over, then a slap, one on each cheek. His hand grabbing her flesh, his long fingers digging in. He spanked her hard. She whimpered and moaned as his hand came down upon her ass. Taking it. Loving it. Her body beginning to tremble. Her ass warming, stinging, her clit throbbing, one cheek then the other, for what seemed like a very long time. He stopped and ran his hand to her pussy. Cupping in his hand. Feeling the heat and wetnss. He push two fingers into her and grabbing her pussy with the others. “This is MY pussy” he told her as he finger fucked her from behind. Her ass a nice shade of red now, hot, she fucked back moaning. Such a hungry little slave. Moaning. Wanting. She fucked those fingers, feeling his fingers find clit, she moaned hard into the floor and began to beg. “Please, please”. He brings her close, rubbing her clit, making her beg more, “oh please sir”,”please let me cum”,  “of god, fuck, oh please sire.. I’m so close” , suddenly Master pulls his fingers out and tastes them.  “mmmmmm yes.. very nice” he says as she trembles on her hands and knees, shaking.  Then, his hand slaps her pussy. ONce, twice, three times, more and more making her cry out. Making her ache and whimper. Master takes the crop in hand again and trails it over her body. Smacks her ass with it, smacks her pussy, probes her lips and clit.  Master moves in front of her, reaches down and grabs her hair, pulls her head up.  Gripping her hair, he looks down upon her and strikes her ass with the crop. Looking into her eyes, deep into her eyes, he strikes her again.  Her eyes pleading, seeing that bulge in his pants.  “keep your head up” he orders.  Master unzips his pants and pulls his hard cock out. Her mouth parts, her eyes bulge, he slaps her face with the thick shave, runs that fat head over her lips, her tongue instinctily flicking at it, he pulls back, grabs the crop and strikes her ass. She knows not to do that again without permission.  On her hands and knees, head up, feeling Master’s cock on her face. her ass on fire, her pussy dripping, needing, Master pushing his cock into her mouth. Slowly, deliberately, deeper, making her take it all. Looking down upon her. His eyes on her. Watching that cock disappear. He holds it deep as he looks down upon her and strikes her ass with the crop. Alternating cheeks, he strikes her, again and again, making her moan and whimper on his cock.  Feeling Master in her mouth. Serving him. He begings to fuck her mouth. sliding that cock in and out. Using it like a pussy. Fucking it hard. His balls slapping her chin. she gasps and sucks and tries to please him. Wanting to take his seed. Wanting to drink him. Needing to please him.  fucking her mouth and striking her ass. Making her loose herself in the act of serving, pleasing, nothing else matters. He uses her mouth, drops the crop, and grabs the sides of her face. Looking down upon her. “YOU ARE MY SLAVE!” He tells her. “YOU ARE MY SLAVE!”, pushing that cock as deep as he can, holding her there, looking down, “YOU ARE MY SLAVE!” he tells her, she whimpers, sucking, “Take my seed MY slave” he tells her as he moans loud, “YESSSS,”YOU ARE MY SLAVE!” he boams as his cock swells and his balls thrust, exploding in her mouth, holding her on his cock. Making her take it all, he pumps her throat full of cum as she tries to swallow and swallow, some spilling from her mouth, so much cum, she licks and sucks and takes it. Pulling out, he shoots the last blast on her face and then puts the head back in her mouth to suck and clean him.  “YOU ARE MY SLAVE!” he tells her.  Putting his cock back in his pants.  He reachs in his pocket, pulling out the collar, looking down upon her.  “You have pleased me my dear” he reaches down, his hands around her neck, he fastens the collar upon her.  “YOU ARE MY SLAVE! Now and forever.” Tears stream down her face, feels Master touch her chin, crying, shaking, trembling, she orgasms, feeling complete.

~ by darksideofthemind on June 27, 2010.

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