Pleasing her Man

she was so happy. So excited. He filled her with joy and pleasure. Just the thought of him brought a smile to her face and a tingle between her thighs.  She wanted to show him how much she was thankful. How much she enjoyed being with him.  Being his. God, he made her wet. She needed to make him feel so very good.  She wanted him to just relax and enjoy and let her please him.   Well, in her way.  She dressed very sexy in a little black dress and high black come fuck me heels, fishnet stockings, and black bikini panties.  She set the table for dinner and then sent him a text.  “Can’t wait till you get here baby…been thinking about you all day”.

He checked his phone and as soon as he read the message he smiled.  Thoughts of her filled his head and he  felt himself begin to get hard.  Still 15 minutes from home he text’d her back “what you been thinking?”  Eager to know. “I’m sure you will enjoy it. Let you know when you get here” she responded.

She met him at the door and kissed him, softly at first, then firm, and deep.  Their mouths together, their tongues exploring each others mouth.  She kiss him firmer.  Wrapping her arms around him. Kissing his mouth. Her tongue slipping in, sucking on his lips. Nibbling on them.  Her hunger increasing. She kissed him deep. Her tongue swirling in his mouth. Pressing to him. Feeling his reaction. Just how she wanted. She reached down and grabbed his ass as they kisses.  She kiss his neck and started to undo his belt. She led him to the couch and told him to sit back.  She walked over, bent over, exposing her sexy ass some, put some music on and began to move.  She danced for him. Sexy. naughty. His eyes on her aroused her. She could see by the growing bulge in his pants that she was doing the same. She moved closer to him. Flashing him a bit, pulling her skirt up to show her sexy ass, letting it fall a bit to expose her breasts.   Seeing his hand move to his lap she let it fall to the floor.  She sauntered over to him.  Turns around and shakes her sexy ass in his face, teasing him.  She turns and straddles his lap. Moving on him, gyrating on him.   Feeling that bulge press to her. Her hands on his chest, caressing, playing with his nipples.  She leans forward and kisses him, letting her tongue slip in his mouth, pinching his nipples firmer, making him moan in her mouth as she grinds on his cock. Feeling him swell and throb she slides down his body and nestles between his legs.  She undoes his pants and yanks them down to his ankles.  Her hand grasping that thick shaft as it strains thru the think cotton.  Loving how it looks, tracing the outline up and down.. that fat head leaking precum, making his shorts wet.  She lower her mouth and sucks the wetness from his shorts and nibbles on the head through the shorts making him squirm.  She reaches in his shorts with one hand and caress his large balls.  Sucking on the head through the fabric, making that cock strain. Teasing him, squeezing those balls in her hand. Tugging on them. Her hand moves up along his shaft, feeling his flesh. Rubbing. Stroking. Holding that thick cock in her hand.  She kissing his stomach and grabs his shorts with her teeth pulling them down to expose that cock.  His cock springs forth and she grabs the base firm.  Licking her lips. Looking up at him she teases. Stroking slow up and down, coating the entire shaft with his precum.  She nestles closer to him.  Looking up at him as she flicks her tongue out and licks his balls. Tonguing them, sucking on them, tugging on them all the while her hand glides up and down his cock. She squeezes his balls and runs her tongue up his shaft. Stopping at the head, she pause, flicks her tongue out to taste that drop of precum, then engulgs his fat head in her mouth. Taking him in, swirling her tongue around. Grapsing the base of his cock and sucking him good and hard. Up and down. Working that cock in her mouth. god she loved his cock.  She gripped his thighs and began to suck even harder, working down to the back and back up to the head. She lets it pop our of her mouth to catch her breath and then hungrily sucks it down again. She runs her hands and nails along his tight thighs, digging in as she works that magnificent cock.  The more she sucks the more she wants. Makes her so hot, so wet, Pleasing him likes this.  Hearing hes pleasure, his moans. mmmm That fat cock head swelling and throbbing in her mouth.. she plays with those balls, tugging on the as she sucks in and and out. Looking up at him.  Running her tongue down his shaft, down to his balls, licking and sucking around them, under them, squeezing them and flicking her tongue around them, then back up to that fat wet head. Sucking the precum from the tip. The engulfing his cock. Bobbing up and down on him. Sucking he deep, then all the way up to the head. Gripping him with her mouth. Sucking him like such a hungry slut. Moaning on his cock. sucking him deep. She bobs on his cock good. Reaching down to finger her pussy. So wet and hot sucking him. Taking him deep. Wanting his cream.  Needing to drink him.  Her hands explore his thighs. up and down running her nails along them.  Under them. Grabbing his ass. Squeezing it. Sucking that cock like a pro. Her hand exploring, her mouth working. Her fingers spread his cheeks, one hand grips his thigh, digging her nails into his flesh, her finger slipping into him, he flinches, and thrust in her mouth, she pushes firmer then relaxes and takes it in, feeling the sensation as she pushes deeper. As such sucks harder. Wanting. Needing his warm cum in her mouth. down her throat. Loving the feel of his fat cock head banging the back of her throat. Her finger working deeper in his tight ass. Making him moan, making his cock throb and tense. Then, she is deep, pressing to that spot, sending him over the edge, moaning grabbing her head, forcing her down on him. so goddamn deep.  She sucks and pulls, hungry, eager for that cream. He explodes with a wail.. grabbing her hair so fucking hard.. holding her on his cock, throbbing like it never has, taking him. sucking, drinking, moaning on him. Pleasing him. Swallowing all that he has to offer.  Feeling that warm cream flow down her throat. Warm her belly. Sucking every drop. Pleasing. Panting. Stroking, milking, mmm taking it all.

~ by darksideofthemind on July 22, 2010.

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  1. Hey, your writing is brilliant. You should write a book.

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