Pleasuring myself

He woke up with images of his dreams floating in his head.  He rolled over to check the clock, still early, and tries to close his eyes to get five more minutes.  A few more images flash through, touching, kissing, grabbing, erotic, intense, he feels his cock begin to rise and strain through the cotton of his briefs pressing to the mattress.  His dream becoming clearer in his memory, he smiles to himself. Knows his arousal will not subside.  His hand reaches down and gives his manhood a nice squeeze making it throb more.  That big, fat head of his cock outlines in his shorts.  His grip tightens as he sees the images of his erotic dream.  Naked bodies, hands exploring, moans, grabbing, feeling her. His squeezes that now hard throbbing cock more. The urge to stroke growing. He pulses his hand around his member. Squeezing, releasing, squeezing, releasing, the pleasure building.  Squeezing at the base of his cock, his balls big and full.  He sits up a bit, positioning himself confortably, the urge overwhelming. He releases his cock and it springs to full attention.  He enjoys the feeling of the cool air, looking down at it, he touches it softly, lightly, teasing himself.  Fingertips along the shaft, on the underside, a grip tight around the base, a tug of his balls. His cock growing harder and harder as he begins to play with himself.  He spreads his thighs and begins to stroke. His hand gliding up and down his thick shaft.  Imaging how the reality of the dream would be he pumps firmer.  Gripping the base of his cock firm till the precum leaks from the tip. Taking his fingers and coating the bulbous head and underside of his shaft, lubing it around and around.  He strokes more, now his strokes become more determined, his cock throbbing, the veins in his shaft pulsing. He pumps, lets go, pumps some more, lets go, enjoying, making that exquisite pleasure last.  The images from his dream streaming back to him and he pumps firmer, faster, harder bringing himself so very close and then.. he lets go.. holding back that orgasm as his cock swells to its fullest.  The waves of pleasure intoxicating him.  He slaps his cock hard, once, twice, three times and watches as it bounces back and forth and throbbing and pulsing.  Loving the feel of the sting, bringing him so so very close.  Another slap, he grips the base tight, and slaps that cock again.. harder this time. The slight pain making him need more.  He pinches a nipple with one hand and pumps his manhood with the other.  He begins to moan to himself, the urge overwhelms, he needs to finish.  Gripping his balls in one hand, he squeezes as he strokes become even more determine.  There is no holding back now. His hand moves faster. He cups and tickles his balls, pressing under them, stroking up and down. He pumps his cock, breathing heavy, stroking, close to release, he moans, loud, lets out a loud “FUCK” as he feels his orgasm build. Stroking harder and faster he is there, oh yes, there it is, of fuck yes, two more pumps and he feels his balls begin to release that hot cream, his cock surges, and he moans, “YESSSSSSS”, as the hot white fluid shoots from his tip, landing on his stomach.  He pumps more, and another blast shoots in the air and lands on his thigh.  His cock contracts again as the cum pumps out, pours outs, covering his belly and hand. His balls twitch and another glob slowly erupts from his fat cock head.  His head spinning, his hand and belly covered in cum, his breathing slows, floating, satisfied. He squeezes every last drop out brings his fingers to his lips and tastes.  Mmmmm.. so good. He basks in the euphoric high of his orgasm as his alarm sounds it’s time to get up.

~ by darksideofthemind on November 18, 2010.

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