kissing, touching, feeling

He kissed her, softly at first, then deeper, his tongue slipping in her mouth as his hand touched her cheek, her chin.  He kissed her long and deep.  Slowly. Their lips together, their tongues entwined.  He loved to kiss her. She was so sexy, so delicious.  He explored her mouth with his tongue as his hands began to roam her body caressing, feeling, exploring.  He kissed her and she kissed him back.  Her hands grabbing him and inviting him in.  Her head back, moaning on his mouth.  He broke the kiss only to continue on her chin.  Her hand in his hair. He kissed her along her jaw, to her neck.  His warm breath sending shivers through her. He kissed along her neck. His lips barely brushing against her skin.  Soft moans escape her lips. His tongue lightly gliding, tasting, up to her ear. Taking her earlobe in his mouth, nibbling his tongue along the edge.  His breath deeper.  She presses to him, he kissing along her neck, grazing his teeth on her flesh, she whimpers. He bites her softly, at first, then more, firmer along her neck. His hand brushes her breasts, across her hard nipple, he touches and bites again. On her shoulder. Taking her nipple in his fingers. His sucks and licks along his teethmarks. Pinches her nipple slight, she gasps, he catches her lips, and kisses her deep again. Pinching her nipple slightly harder, his tongue pushes in, his mouth covers her, feeling her moan into him as he pinches a bit harder.  Kissing her so very deep.  His hands gather her top and pull it up to expose her black bra.  His hand cups on and runs his fingers over her nipple.  Squeezing, pulling her breast out and lower his mouth to it.  Her hands caress his neck as his kisses around her areola, his tongue circling then flicking out and darting at her hardening nipple. flicking it fast with his tongue, back and forth.  He sucks it to his lips and into his mouth. She moans and grabs his head, holding him to her. He opens wider and sucks her breast deep.  One of her hands roams down and up his back. She leans into him to offer more of her breasts. He suckles it deep  taking a mouth full then bites her breast. . Her back arches as she moans.  grabbing his hair. His teeth biting her flesh.  One hand moves up her leg, under that skirt feeling those stockings, he grips her thigh squeezing he releases and sucks her nipple, swirling his tongue around and around.  His fingers grip her thigh as he bites her nipple.  She lets out a little moan and opens her legs up as his fingers move closer to her.  His fingers at the edge of her panties, he bites her nipple harder, feeling her heat and wetness, not letting go, sucking and biting that nipple. His fingers slip into her panties, trace her hot, wet lips.  Up and down. making them part, up to her clit, rubbing as he sucks and bites her nipple harder. She moans, whimpers. holds him to her. needing more. Wanting more. His finger slips into her. One, then two. He begins to fuck her pussy feeling it get wetter and wetter. Her hand reaches for him. To touch his manhood. She feels it. Squeezes it and moans as he bites her and suck that nipple hard making her pussy twitch.  His thumb moves against her clit as her hips start to move.. his hold on her tit one hand in her hair, sucking and biting so hard. Hurting her and marking her, making her  whimper and moan and fuck his fingers.  Grabbing at his cock. squeezing it firm. Telling him she wants it. She begins to moan more and more as he slips a third finger in, his thumb working her swollen clit so well.  The pain and pleasure mixing, intoxicating her, making her head spin. Lost in his touch. Just when she thinks he can’t bite any harder the pain shoots from her nipple straight to her clit.  His teeth biting and pulling her nipple , his finger fucking her, her head moving side to side her hips bucking on his hand. She moans. .she cries out.. she clamps his hand between her thighs and shudders.. shakes.. lets out a loud wail and cums. She cums so hard.  Floating. Shaking. Trembling from the pain and pleasure.  Her hand still having a grip on his cock, panting, she pushes him back, pulls that meat out, and lowers her mouth to him.  Moaning on him, sucking him hard and hungry. Taking what she wants. he grips the couch, and thrust in her mouth. Feeling her hold him down and take his cock. Sucking it with fury and animalistic desire.  Determined, hungry, wanton, she suck him, deep, not letting up till she receives that reward. Pumping his cock, licking up and down, sucking on his balls making him squrim and moan.  gripping the base and taking him deep. In and out of her mouth. She sucks the fat head, swirls her tongue around and around and putting pressure on that shaft takes him slowly, inch by inch, into her, sucking, milking. He can’t take it any longer, moaning, fuck, cumming, in her mouth, in her throat, she sucks and swallows his cock and cream. Drinking all he gives her, gripping his thighs and sucking him dry. sucking every bit. Tasting every drop till his is limp in her mouth.

~ by darksideofthemind on November 25, 2010.

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