There eyes met as she strolled down the hallway toward him.  Wearing a sexy red dress and high heels.  Her sexy legs flowing across the floor.  Her hair bouncing.  A smile came over her beautiful face.  She quickly moved to him and kissed his lips as he put his strong arms around her and pulled her close. Kissing passionately, firmly , and with such hunger they both needed.  They broke the kiss and held hands as they went to elevator.  Once in the elevator they kissed again, hands beginning to roam.   His hand slipping down her back, cupping her small, firm ass, giving it a nice squeeze.  As the door opened they walked to the room.  Once inside, the door closed behind them, she knew exactly what to do.  She had been waiting to show him for so long. As he walked to the edge of the chair and sat,  she slipped her dress from her shoulders let that it drop to the floor.  There she stood, stripped down to her little panties, her nipples hard, her breathe quickening.  She was excited, nervous, ready, and wet.  Ready to serve. Ready to please HIM. Ready to surrender all.  Ready to obey her Master.

Standing in just her heels and panties feeling his eyes on her she knelt looking at him, “I do this for you My Master” she says.  “I am your slave” she says as sligh gasp of pleasure shoots through as she hears herself.  She lowers her eyes and gets on all fours, and crawls to him.  Moving like a cat slowly,  she crawls to him, around him, rubbing up against his legs.  She put her head down and popped her ass up.  She removed his shoes and socks, massages his feet and kisses them.  “I am your slave” she repeats.  Her Master extends his foot and she sucks his tongues like hungry slut. Sucking his big toe like she wants, no needs, to suck his cock. Showing him how she needs to please him. Taking another in her mouth. Bobbing up and down.  She runs her tongue around and around then down the sole and back to sucking her Master’s toes. Sucking the toes of one and rubbing the other, feeling her Master rub his foot on her face telling her to suck his toes good.  Then holding her head down with one foot and pushing his other into her mouth. “Suck them deep slave”.   She hear’s him undo his belt and unzip his pants. Peeking she sees him take his hard cock out and stroke it as he watches and enjoys.  Seeing her Master’s cock erect fuels her passion and desire. Her need to please him. Moaning on his toes as she sucks. Wanting and needing more.  She hear’s him pull his belt completely off and then feels the leather slide against her back and down to her ass.  She sucks his toes deep and braces for what it to come.  The strike of the leather on her firm backside. Master whips her cheek, once, twice, three times firm.  The sting, the heat. she moans in pain and pleasure on his feet sucking like a good slave. Again and again he strikes her her ass making it begin to glow.  Her moans grow louder, her pussy wetter.  Trying to look up at see him stroke.. See his beautiful cock.  Feeling his foot push her head down firmer. Feeling the belt strike harder.  Her Master taking her.  Her Master stroking his cock and enjoying his slave.  Marking HIS property.

At this point, Master stood, grabbed his slave by her hair and lifted her up to his cock.  He forced his hardness in her mouth making her take it deep.  Gripping her hair tight he began to fuck her mouth. In and out. In and out with no mercy. Taking what is his. Using his slave. His whore. His cocksucking slut! His slave hungrily sucking, trying to please him as much as she can.  The assault on her mouth making her gag, making her mouth water, making her pussy drip.  He holds her tight and pushed deep. Holding his long thick cock deep in her mouth.  He loops the belt around her neck and tightens as he continues to fuck that hot mouth. Holding the belt tight around her neck. Using her as he pleases. He pulls he cock out of his gasping slave and rubs it over her face.  Wiping her saliva and his precum all over her.  Taking his cock in his hand he rubs it over her lips, slaps them with it, then slaps both her cheeks with his harndess. He grips her hair pulls her head back and tells her she is HIS.  HIS whore! His slut.

He pushes her down. holding the belt like a leash. He grabs a toy and shoves it into her ass. Her moans and squeals echo. He leads her around, telling her she is HIS. Tightening the belt to emphasize the point. That he could do whatever he wishes.  He stops before the bed.  He grabs a ball gag and fastens it to her. Then tells her to put her face down and ass up. Loosens the belt from her neck and immediately strikes her ass.  The crack of the leather against her flesh fuels him more.  Over and over as his voice roars and echos in the room.  His sexy voice penetrating her soul. Her muffled moans  fueling him more.  the sound of his voice making her swoon, making her pussy drip. The leather making her ass scream , bright red, aching, and all she could mumbble was “more”.. “please”.. and her Master obliged.  marking her. His property. Striking her firm.  Making her hurt.  Making her whimper. Striking her ass and  the back of her thighs. her back. Breaking her.   Master grabbed her wrists and tied them behind her back and began to spank her ass with his hand. Spanking her, slapping her flesh, grabbing her hair. Repeating she is HIS> Spanking and grabbing her flesh.  Squeezing, gripping, slapping.  Soon his mouth was on those marks.. teasing, tasting, licking her welts.  He pulled her against the bed , on her knees and reached between her thighs. Cupping, then grabbing her swollen wet pussy, leaning into her, pressing that plug deep. He tells her, “You are MINE and THIS PUSSY IS MINE!” He grips it tight, then plunges 2 fingers deep.  Sooo deep. His long fingers touching places hers can’t reach making her body tremble. Moaning and grinding on his hand. A third finger in. His thumb rubbing her throbbing clit. He pushed her face down into the bed and holds her down like that as he fucks her pussy with his fingers. She thrusts back on them like a good whore. Her ass on fire, her pussy dripping, Master removes his fingers, her body trembles, needing more, he tastes them she can hear him sucking on his fingers, tasting her juices. So fucking good.

His cock raging, Master grabs her hips and with one thrust is deep inside of her hot wet pussy. Holding her hips against himself he grinds against her. Laying on top of her, pulling her head up by her hair. “How do you like that cock in you MY slave” he moans. She gasps against the gag, moaning, grinding back, needing him to drive that cock in and out.  He holds her hips tight and thrust in and out. Fucking his slave. Taking her. Ravaging her pussy. Pounding her into the bed as he grips her hair and fucks her as he pleases. The site of her marked back, her red ass and his throbbing cock sliding in and out of her drives him wild. Fucking his slave, taking what belongs to HIM. Her pussy dripping around his cock she if fucking him back now like a good whore. Sliding up and down on that cock as her Master holds her and tells her “You are MINE, fuck MY cock slave”.  She fucks, squeezes, grinds pulls him deep.  Her mouth watering on the gag, drooling, panting.  Wanting to make him cum in her. Wanting to please him so much. Master reaches under her and begins to rub her clit as she fucks his cock. Rubbing that swollen nub faster and faster as she fucks him faster and faster. Harder and harder. Long deep thrusts, taking him deep in her pussy. Her body on fire, her pussy on fire, her clit throbbing , her need to release and to cum growing with every moment. He grips her tight and thrust so fucking deep, pinches her clit sending her over the edge, she trembles, shakes, moans, and convulses in the strongest orgasm ever. Her Master’s cock buried in her, cumming on him, for him, by him.  Her head swimming, her body floating, her pussy cumming over and over and over, flooding his cock and her own thighs. Her Master pulls from her, his cock violently hard, her grabs her and puts her back on her knees, trembling, shaking, stroking in front of her. Looking down upon her, stroking his cock, her eyes mesmerized. Master stops for a moment to remove her ball gag, she gasps, pants, looking up at him.  She instinctively moves to his cock. Master slaps her face with his hardon, rubbing it over her, then shoves it in her mouth and fucks her throat.  “You are My slave. My whore. MY slut.” he tells her over and over and he ravages her mouth. Then, she feels him swelling even more. He grabs her head and holds her on his cock, deep in her throat, his cock twitches and she is rewarded with the first stream of hot creamy cum shooting in the back of her mouth. She swallows hungrily wanting more. Needing more. He explodes again and again, trying to swallow it all like a good cum whore but there is so much,  she can’t help but have some spill out of her mouth. He pulls out and his cock twitches again shooting a spay on her face, some on her chest, and dripping on the floor. He pumps and empties his cock on her, every last drop.  Milking the last few drops on his fingers then feeding it to her as she scooops the drops from her face and body and laps it from her fingers like a hungry kitten.  Master sits on the bed, his slave at his feet, “clean the floor my whore” he tells her and she lowers her face and licks the cum from the floor. “Good slave” he tells her.  “Thank you sir” she reponds and curls up at his feet like a good pet.


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