Master and his precious slave

Stripping down out of her ordinary everyday clothes…she sitst on the bed…naked…and collared…feeling the need to  to touch her breasts..and HIS pussy…she was very excited..and  felt it on her wet and warm with want and need..but, she stops.. knowing better..she slides one leg in a pair of thigh high fishnets..then the other leg..then slips on a mini skirt and white tank top..and gently put on her high heels..leaving her panties and bra off…she checks her messages..there is one from Him that says…I’m coming.  Nervous she walks back and forth across the room..each minute that passed made her more nervous than the last..made her more excited she was peeking out of the window…looking in the mirror.. wanting to be perfect for HIM. She decides the outfit  she as on wasn’t going to she rushed and put on a top that went down to her sexy firm thighs..then..before she knew it..there was a knock at the door…her heart racing, her clit throbbing, she grabs the knob and stopped..her heart felt as if it were going to pound out of my chest..and she started to breath heavily… slowly opening the door…and there he was..Her Master..

He entered the room and looked at His slave. Stunning from head to toe.  Her beautiful hair, her gorgeous face, he hot little body , those sexy sexy legs in those fishnets and those naughty high heels. He touched her cheek and brushed his fingers through her hair. Her eyes gazed down and he lifted her chin.  He looked into her eyes.. Deep in them and told her “You are My slave.. You are Mine.. ” next his lips were on hers.. his tongue in her mouth.. his arms wrapped around her and pulled her to him. He kissed her deep and firm, his hands grabbing her fine, tight ass and pressing to her.  He kissed her long, tasting her sweet lips.. his hands roaming her body.  He inched her dress up exposing her bare ass and whispered in her ear.. “such a naughty girl” as he felt her.. her head in his chest he felt her caressed her and squeezed that sexy ass.He removed her top exposing her breasts.

He broke the embrace and looked at her. Told her to walk around so he could inspect her, admiring her. She moved, walking nervously, being watched, after a few moments his voice broke the silence. “Kneel My slave” and she obeyed. Dropping to her knees for him. He approached her. He pulled out two clothespins and put one on each nipple. The pain making her ache.. making her need.  “Crawl” he ordered and she obeyed. She moved like a cat, back and forth. Crawling for her Master on all fours as he watched.  She loved to serve and obey him. Her pussy began to drip. her nipples ached.

Her Master sat back on the bed and told her to come close.  She crawled to him and put her face down.  “Kiss my feet slave” he ordered and she obeyed. Kissing each foot as he instructed, kissing his toes, serving her Master. Making her need and want so much.  Next, he pulled her to the bed and soon she was across his lap.. “naughty girls get spanked” he told her as his hand came down upon her ass. Smacking it. Spanking His slave, his naughty slut, as she squirmed on him.  Her Master spanked her hard and firm, making her cry out. He gripped her hair and pulled her head up.. “You like that don’t you slut” he told her.. she moaned as his hand slapped her ass again and again.  feeling him under her. Each spank intoxicating her. Her ass warmed and stung.  His hands roamed. Touching her breasts, pinching her nipples. Hard! Tugging and pulling on them.  His fingers finding her pussy, warm and moist, tracing her lips.  Her Master spanked and explored her as she moaned and wiggled on his lap.

Once her ass was nice and red and and hot Master pushed her off of him and ordered her on the floor on her knees, where she belonged.  He pulled his cock out and looked at her. Stroking it slowly, teasing her.  He stood over her and stroked his cock in front of her.  Her grabbed her hair and rubbed his fat head over her face and lips.  He pushed it in her mouth and fucked her mouth.  Pulling out to slap her face with it.  The hungry slut moaning, she grabbed his firm thighs and begged for more.  Master instructed her to get on all fours like a good slave and crawl again for him as he watched and admired her.  That sexy ass moving side to side. Controlling her and owning her.  Master removed his belt and looking down upon her started to run the leather across her ass as she crawled. Next thing she knew he as whipping her ass firm. Over and over. “You are MINE” he tells her as he whipped her ass. Firm and hard. The leather striking her backside. He stopped and grapped her pussy. “This is MY pussy slave, this pussy belongs to me” he told her as he plunged two fingers in her. Finger fucking her.  He pulled them out and shoved them in her mouth. “Taste your wetness MY slut” he told her and such suck his fingers down.  Mmmm yes.. such a good little slut he thought.

Master sat back on the bed and spread his legs. “Cum here slave” he ordered. She moved to him. Kissing his feet again, then his ankles , moving up his long sexy legs.  Caressing and kissing his thighs as her Master stroked his cock. Looking down upon her. “Kiss my balls slave” he told her.. Her hungry mouth obliged. Moving to his balls, kissing and licking. Looking up at him. needing tha cock . So hungry for his big hard cock. He grabs her head and pushes it in her mouth deep. She feels his cock so deep. he pushes her down further and feels it hit the back of her throat.  Master fucked his slaves mouth. In and out. His fat cock filling her mouth. Each stroke sliding deep.  He pulls out and rubs her face with it. slaps her face with it. Then pushes her back. Orders to on all fours.. Face down and ass up.

Master moves behind her.  Reaches around and tugs on those clothespins, making her press back to him, making her ache.  Master presses to her and his cock head teases her pussy lips.  His fingers move to her wetness and slip inside.. “Fuck my fingers slave, show me you need YOUR Master’s cock”. She moves back and forth on his hand. Taking one, then two, her pussy opening , three fingers in her hole, then another.. master fingers deep up in her. In and out. In and out. Rubbing her clit. She moans and moans, and then, she feels it, HIS Cock, His cock plunging in her, replacing his fingers, she moans loud as he begins to fuck her from behind. His large hands grip her ass and hips and he thrusts in and out fucking His slave hard. Taking what belongs to him. Using her as he pleases. He watches his cock disappear.. holds in deep in her. pushes her head to the floor and leans on top of her and thrust in and out again. Fucking her harder and harder. spankign her ass. Gripping her hair. Taking his slave. Her moans fill the room. he feels her flood on his cock. her juices gushing and dripping as she moans and cums on her Master’s cock  Master plows her hard and deep and fucks her good.

He holds her down and pounds her pussy like she never imagined. Deep and hard over and over. Making her tremble and shake.  He reaches around and pulls the clothespins off making her clutch his cock deep in her as she winces in pain. AS the blood rushes to them making her head spin. He pulls out, grabs her by the hair and pulls her to the bed.  Master sits on the bed and tells his slave to taste her juices on his cock to suck him and the hungry little whore gallops up his meat. She sucks him like he’s never been sucked before. Taking every inch, such a hungry little slut, she needs it , needs his seed and she won’t stop till she gets it. Sucking him deep. making her Master moan in pleasure fuels her desire.  She takes his cock deep. Deeper and deeper. She feels it in her throat feels herself gag on it.. he holds her on it them pulls off to let her catch her breath. Then she takes it again.. deep.. gagging.. sucking his cock like no other. Taking him deeper than ever before. She is so hungry.. she can’t stop. more and more. She feels him swell in her mouth.. She takes him deep and feels him cock deep in her throat. She hears him moan.. “Oh yes.. thats it of fuck yes.. thats a good hungry slut.. yes yes.. of fuck.” he holds her head down and tells her “Take it My whore! Take your Master;s seed!” he moans loud and she feels him explode, pumping that warm cum. feeling it shoot right down her throat .. deep into her.. sliding down into her belly, warming her throughout her body, she drinks her Master’s seed.  Her body trembles as she feeds on him, as she pleases him, as she swallows it. A part of HIM in her. Her body trmebles her pussy drips. She feels him convulse again and she takes it, swallowing it all.  He pulls from her mouth and milks more out onto his hand and feeds his hungry slave. She laps it up and licks him clean kissing his cock and balls, licking , purring, mmmm yes.. pleasing her Master.

They lay there for a while holding and touching.. he pulls her to him and kisses her feeling her with him.  “You are MINE, always and forever!” he tells her.. “Yes My Master, always” she answers.



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