finally alone together

We are finally alone. Together. The hotel suite is just perfect. You look so incredible sprawled on the King sized bed.  Such a naughty girl. Caressing your body for me. Looking at me. Teasing me. Making me want you so bad.  Your skin is glowing in the low light.  Watching you. Wanting you. I come to you. My hands run up your smooth legs. I slip my fingers in the waistband of your tight white panties and slip them off.  I spread your legs open slightly, my hands caress your thighs, my finger tips trace along those lips between your legs. Teasing you. You moan slight. Seeing me between your legs now, your head propped on the pillow. My lips on your thighs. Your hips. Your stomach. Looking up at you. You moan”oh baby, please, I love how your lips feel on my skin. How they look on my flesh.” I slip my tongue out and trace my way from your bellybutton down to your sweet wetness. “Do you want to feel my tongue on you” I tease. You moan “yessssssss, oh yes baby, please slide your tongue in me.”  With that, I bury my face into your sweet pussy. My mouth on you, my tongue tasting, licking, up and down that slit. Parting those lips open. Ever so close to your clit, barely touching it, then moving back down, pushing my tongue into your hole, deep in you, sucking on you, tasting your sweet juices.  You start to moan, and I want more, I push one finger in you as I flick my tongue over your clit.  Making you moan louder, then a second finger as I suck your clit into my mouth, take it in my teeth and nibble on it. Feeling your leg rub against my crotch, the pressure making me so very hard, tasting you, smelling you, wanting you. Needing to be in you. I sit up and take my shirt off, remove my boxer briefs, my hard cock springing forth.  I part your legs, wanting, but you stop me.  Seeing my hard cock before you, you “wait, stop, let me give you some”.. mmmm bringing my cock to you, to your mouth, you open, take the head it, wet it, suck it, swirl that tongue around, grab hold of my shaft and kiss the head of my cock. You tell me to sit back and let you work on that beautiful cock. You lay your head in my lap and start to stroke and suck me.  You are sucking the fat head, bobbing up and down, making me loose my mind in ecstasy. I hold the back of your head, and push you down on me, making you take more each time as you suck me up and down. Hand in your hair. “That’s my girl”. Gripping a bit tighter, pushing you down, pulling you up, up and down on my thick hard cock. “Now baby.” I pull you up, kiss your lips, push you back on your back, climb on top of you, spread your legs open, and plunge my cock deep in you in one swift push. Catching you by surprise, making you take every inch in you, filling your wet cunt with my cock.  Thrusting now, in and out, deeper, faster, harder, fucking you, raising your legs in the air, raising that ass up, slamming my cock deep in you, grabbing your flesh. Pumping harder, you moan, gasping for breath, begging “oh my god, please , of fuck, of fuck me harder, oh my god, what are you doing to me. Oh shit, fuck me.” Your desire and need makes me fuck you harder, grabbing your hips, looking down upon you, making you mine, fucking you harder than you ever imagined. Taking what I want, how I want, pounding you into submission.  Making you mine. You tremble, you shake, you cum for me, “oh please don’t stop, don’t stop, fuck me, oh my fucking gooooooooooooooooooooood, fuck me Daddy!”  I thrust deep in you, look into your eyes, hold you down, and explode in you, filling you with my seed, my warm cum pumping deep. Making you completely mine. Collapsing on top of you, my cock twitching and dripping in you, trying to catch my breath, my lips on yoru flesh, oh god, so incredible. Then, you squeeze me, milk me, taking every drop, the tightness of your pussy, the muscles moving, my cock begins to swell again as you work it, your tight pussy hungry for more, you are squeezing tighter, oh my god, you are making me loose it, of shit, again, fuck babygirl, oh my god, cumming in you a second time, oh yes, my god, yes, taking all my balls will give. My naughty girl, mmmm yes,  Kissing you, of fuck, shaking, kissing you deep, holding you  tight. That’s my girl. We fall asleep in each others arms.

~ by darksideofthemind on November 15, 2011.

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