torture her (part 1)

He leads her to his room, a sly smile upon his face, a bulge in his jeans.  She is wearing red high heel shoes, a short skirt, and tank top.  Her hair flows down her back as he watches her as she walks.  He stops her, moves closer, kisses her neck and runs his hands over her body.  He whispers in her ear “you are mine’.  “Yes” she answers.  “and I will do with you as I please”.  “Yes, Sir” she responds.  “You are  my whore” he tells her.  His words make her drip.  “I am going to use you like the dirty little whore you are my dear”.  “Your dirty little whore, Sir” she answers.  He orders her to strip to her panties. Watching her as she removes her top, skirt and bra.  His eyes taking in her beauty.  Then, he grabs her. He takes her hands and ties them, then raises her arms above her head, he lifts her a bit and secures them to the hook on the ceiling. She whimpers.  Her heels barely touching the ground, stretching her. His hands caress her vulnerable body.   His to use as he pleases. His hands roam her body.. touching her flesh, squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples.  Making them stand up.  Leaning in to kiss those hard nipples, suck on them, bite them making his slut moan.  He takes several clothespins from his pocket and affixes one to her right nipple, making her wince, then another to her left nipple. He flicks them.. tugs on them.. pinches them tighter.. making her feel the pain.. the bite. feel it deep inside. He kiss down her body, kissing her thighs, his fingers slipping in her panties. Touching her, feeling those wet lips, puling her panties down to her ankles he kisses her there. His tongue slips along her lips. Up and down. Then sucking them in his mouth, his tongue taste, teasing the inner folds, making her moan. Making her drip. Making her grind on his mouth. His hands cup her ass and squeeze firm as he sucks her pussy. Mmmm yes. Tasting her, teasing her. He stops, moves up her body, kisses her mouth, and plunges 2 fingers in her wet cunt.  She moans in his mouth as his fingers work her cunt. In and out. Pushing deep. Touching her inner walls. He pulls his fingers from her and pushes them in her mouth. “Taste your juices my slut, feel how wet you are for ME” he tells her.  He pushes his fingers deep in her mouth and fucks her mouth with them.  Gagging her with them. Pulling them out and slapping her face. Once, then twice.  Looking in her eyes deep. “MINE to use” he tells her.  He walks around her and slaps her ass. One cheek, then the other with a firm slap. Making her cry out .. making her ass warm, making it sting. He continues to spank her firm warming her ass good. He moves to a table and grabs a crop laid out on top.  He returns with a hard smack to her right cheek , and then the left.  He swats at the backs of her thighs up and down, front and back.  Her whimpers and moans fill the room as the tip strikes her flesh leaving its mark. He moves in front of her.. Looking at her as he flicks the crop across her breasts.  One then the other.  Making her breasts ache more.  He pulls the clothespins off her nipples and breasts making her cry out it pain then strikes them with the crop.. she screams out in pain..  making the throb and sting even more. “You are MY whore” he tells her as he strikes her again and again.  “My pain slut” he sexy voice booms. He works her tits over with the crop.. then down her body. Her inner thighs. Her pussy. He stops and clamps her tits again. Then flicks her pussy firm with the crop making her weep and moan loving it.  He drops the crop and removes his belt and within a moment he lashes her ass hard making her scream out.  “Count them My whore!” he orders.  He strikes her again.. “One”  again “twoooooo” she wails.. her chest heaving, her ass on fire.  He strikes her ass firm “Three” she moans.. “Say thank you slut”.  Again .. “Foooouuuuurrr” breathing heavy “thank you .. oh god” .  Again.. “Thank you WHO?!” .. “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH  Fiveeeeee”.. “Thank you Sir”. Again.. “You are MINE” he bellows.. “Siiixxxx oh god thank you Sir” . Again and again.. “Sevennn oh god Eight.. thank you sir.. ” she whimpers.. “Mmm you like that don’t you my whore”  Again.. “aaaaaaahhhgggg  NINE!  mmmm Yes Sir.. Thank you sir.. ” AGain.  “Teeeennnnnnn aaaaaaaa thank you SIR!”. The pain shooting through her.. “Do you want more my slut?” he asks.  Moving close to her.. whispering in her ear “such a naughty whore”.. “you do , don’t you.” She whimpers and moans. “yes sir.. yes sir”  He rubs the belts over her ass.. up and down. She twitches.. then he strikes.. hard.. once, twice, three, four times, more.. firm, hard and fast,  she cries out and gasps for air as he whips her ass good. No mercy. Marking her backside. The welts rise, her ass turning red,  her cries becoming louder and her tears form in her eyes.  The pain rocking her.  As the tears begin to fall down her cheeks he stops.  He reaches between her thighs, cups her pussy in hand “such a naughty slut you are.. so wet..your pussy wet and your ass red..” he grips her pussy tight making her whimper.. shoves his fingers in  and fucks her cunt. In out , in out, making it sloppy. He pussy dripping, her eyes flowing, he smiles and laughs as he plays with her pussy.  He finger fucks her wet pussy deep.  Rubbing her clit.  Pulling his wet fingers out he grabs a clothespin and clamps her clit and tugs on it.  She moans loud.   Then clamping her pussy lips.  He lifts her chin and lightly slaps her face.  “Your pussy is mine and I will do with it what I please”.  He grabs a vibe and begins to vibe her clit.. he kisses her deep as he holds the vibe to her.  She whimpers and moans from the pain and pleasure he gives. He vibes her pussy making her ache then begins to pull the clothespins from her breasts.  Making her cry out.  “Oh goddddddd.. aaaahhhh.. fuck… please Sir”.. “Please what MY whore” he answers with a wry smile.  He pulls another off.. “aaaaaahhhh fuck” she moans.. “ahh fuck… ”  Gasping.  Suddenly, he unhooks her.. she falls do her knees.. quickly he is behind her grabbing at her hips.  His hand reaching and tugging on the clamps on her pussy.. removing them .the blood rushing to her lips and clit.. throbbing. making her moan so loud and hard.. her body trembles. His hard cock presses to her and slides deep into you wetness.  Her moan fills the room.. He fucks her .. hard.. animistic.. deep .. taking what belongs to him.. telling her that she is HIS.  Spanking her ass.. fucking her pussy hard.  using her.  Grabbing her ass , his fingers digging in the welts and spreading her cheeks.  His fingers toying , pushing in… he pulls his cock from her wet pussy and presses the fat head to her asshole.  Grabs her hips and pushing in her.. “You are My whore.. my asswhore”.. he moans as he takes her.. She cries out in pain and pleasure and moans as his cock drives deep into her backdoor. “Oh God! Fuck! FUCK!! It Hurts! ”   “Take it” he responds. ” YOu love it”  .. “YESSSS OH GOD ” she moans. he fucks her ass good. opening her up.. making her moan and ache. Suddenly,  He pulls from her leaving her empty and moaning on the floor.  “oh god.. ” panting.. moaning.. “Crawl for me” he orders standing above her. Picking up the crop and swatting her ass. “Crawl..” he orders.  She obeys.. crawling back and forth.  he commands her.. swats her with the crop.. making her crawl for Him.  She crawls back and forth across the room.. taking that crop as she walks by.. marking her ass. making her hurt. Making her whimper and cry out each swat. Crawling for him. “Stop” he commands a smile upon his face. His hard cock at attention.  Reaching down he grabs her by the hair and shoves his cock in her mouth. Fucking her face. Fucking her throat. Making her gag on him. Swatting her ass as he fucks her mouth .. taking his slut.  Pushing her face down.  Placing his foot on her head, holding it down… he pushes his toes in her mouth.. “suck them” he orders and she sucks his toes like a hungry slut.  “Stick that ass in the air my whore!” he commands. He strikes it with the crop.  Once, twice, three times. Firm.  Very firm. He shoves his foot in her mouth deeper.. Making her take it.  fucking her mouth with it.  Swatting her ass firm and hard with the crop.  Then moving behind her he  grabs her hips, slaps her ass.. spreads her legs a big then slams into her wet pussy. His cock penetrating deep. She cries out. Moaning. Taking his big, hard cock deep.. fucking him back like a good slut. moaning loud like a good whore. He fucks her hard. “Take it MY bitch, take what your Master gives you” his voice booms.

~ by darksideofthemind on February 12, 2012.

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