Must have you again

I close the door behind me and order you to strip down to your bra and panties.  I look at you. Inspect you. Liking what I see.  I move to you. My hands on your shoulders. Holding you.  I remove your bra. Exposing your breasts to me.  My hands cup them.  Feel your already hard nipples.  I begin to play with them and whisper in your ear that you are mine.  As I say you are mine, I pinch your nipples firmly. You press back to me and whimper.  I grasp your breasts.  My hands over them.  Your back pressed to my chest.  Feel me with you. I whisper in your ear, get on your knees slut.  I step back from you as you kneel and look up at me.  Touch your breasts for me slut.  Pinch them for me.  I look into your eyes as I command you.  I start to undress.  Watching you.  Instructing you. I love to look at you do this for me.  Such a good girl.  I take out 2 clothespins and move to you. I place one on each nipple.  Watch as you wince, and ache, I grab you by the hair, look into your eyes and tell you to take it, breathe, i kiss your lips.  Get on all fours now.  On your hands and knees, your ass in the air, only slightly covered by those panties.  I hike them up a bit, exposing your ass, my hand slips between your legs, feels how wet you are getting.  The pain and pressure of the clothespins starting to take their effect.  making your clit throb.  I rub my finger over it once, twice, slip a finger into that wet pussy, draw it out and bring it to my lips.. mmm very nice.  god I love that ass.  i caress it. grab it. squeeze it.  warming it up for your spanking.  I am going to spank your ass red. hard.  firm. Till i see fit to stop.  I begin. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, alternating cheeks, firm with my hand, you brace yourself, i push your head down with one hand and hold you there with my hand in your hair.
10, 15, 20, your ass begins to turn red.  Mmm such a lovely sight.  I grab your sore ass with my hands.  Grabbing your flesh. Spreading those cheeks.  My hand probing down between to feel how wet you are for me.  Your ass on fire and your pussy dripping.  You beg me to fuck you. You beg me to finger you. You beg me to spank you more.  21, 22, 23, 24, 25.  I rip your panties off and spread your legs a bit.  I push 2 fingers into your wet cunt and fuck you hard with them.  Pulling them out to continue smacking that ass. 30, 35… my cock straining..  I pull it out and begin to masturbate in front of you.  Do you want to taste me slut? I ask.  Do you want my cock inside of you.  I reach down and remove the clothespens from your nipples, the blood rushes to them sending you moaning… in pain and pleasure.. I slap your face with my cock.  Grab you by the hair and force your mouth onto my meat.  I fuck your mouth. Pulling my cock in and out.  Slapping your face with it.  Using you as my cocksucking slut.  ARE YOU READY TO GET FUCKED SLUT!
I push your head down to the ground.  And move behind you. Grab your hips. Smack your ass a few more times. Then put the head of my cock to your opening.  Beg for it slut. Beg for your Masters cock.  Do you need to  be a good girl. A good whore. A good slut for me slut.  Do you need to serve me.  I plunge my cock into you, DEEEP. Fillilng you. Stretching you open. I fuck you. In and out. Grabbing your hips and ass. Holding your head down. Fucking you from behind.  Love to see my cock go in and out.  Spread your cheeks open and slip a finger into your ass as I fuck you that way.  Make you fucking scream.  Take is slut.

~ by darksideofthemind on April 18, 2013.

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