Pleasuring myself

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He woke up with images of his dreams floating in his head.  He rolled over to check the clock, still early, and tries to close his eyes to get five more minutes.  A few more images flash through, touching, kissing, grabbing, erotic, intense, he feels his cock begin to rise and strain through the cotton of his briefs pressing to the mattress.  His dream becoming clearer in his memory, he smiles to himself. Knows his arousal will not subside.  His hand reaches down and gives his manhood a nice squeeze making it throb more.  That big, fat head of his cock outlines in his shorts.  His grip tightens as he sees the images of his erotic dream.  Naked bodies, hands exploring, moans, grabbing, feeling her. His squeezes that now hard throbbing cock more. The urge to stroke growing. He pulses his hand around his member. Squeezing, releasing, squeezing, releasing, the pleasure building.  Squeezing at the base of his cock, his balls big and full.  He sits up a bit, positioning himself confortably, the urge overwhelming. He releases his cock and it springs to full attention.  He enjoys the feeling of the cool air, looking down at it, he touches it softly, lightly, teasing himself.  Fingertips along the shaft, on the underside, a grip tight around the base, a tug of his balls. His cock growing harder and harder as he begins to play with himself.  He spreads his thighs and begins to stroke. His hand gliding up and down his thick shaft.  Imaging how the reality of the dream would be he pumps firmer.  Gripping the base of his cock firm till the precum leaks from the tip. Taking his fingers and coating the bulbous head and underside of his shaft, lubing it around and around.  He strokes more, now his strokes become more determined, his cock throbbing, the veins in his shaft pulsing. He pumps, lets go, pumps some more, lets go, enjoying, making that exquisite pleasure last.  The images from his dream streaming back to him and he pumps firmer, faster, harder bringing himself so very close and then.. he lets go.. holding back that orgasm as his cock swells to its fullest.  The waves of pleasure intoxicating him.  He slaps his cock hard, once, twice, three times and watches as it bounces back and forth and throbbing and pulsing.  Loving the feel of the sting, bringing him so so very close.  Another slap, he grips the base tight, and slaps that cock again.. harder this time. The slight pain making him need more.  He pinches a nipple with one hand and pumps his manhood with the other.  He begins to moan to himself, the urge overwhelms, he needs to finish.  Gripping his balls in one hand, he squeezes as he strokes become even more determine.  There is no holding back now. His hand moves faster. He cups and tickles his balls, pressing under them, stroking up and down. He pumps his cock, breathing heavy, stroking, close to release, he moans, loud, lets out a loud “FUCK” as he feels his orgasm build. Stroking harder and faster he is there, oh yes, there it is, of fuck yes, two more pumps and he feels his balls begin to release that hot cream, his cock surges, and he moans, “YESSSSSSS”, as the hot white fluid shoots from his tip, landing on his stomach.  He pumps more, and another blast shoots in the air and lands on his thigh.  His cock contracts again as the cum pumps out, pours outs, covering his belly and hand. His balls twitch and another glob slowly erupts from his fat cock head.  His head spinning, his hand and belly covered in cum, his breathing slows, floating, satisfied. He squeezes every last drop out brings his fingers to his lips and tastes.  Mmmmm.. so good. He basks in the euphoric high of his orgasm as his alarm sounds it’s time to get up.

Pleasing her Man

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she was so happy. So excited. He filled her with joy and pleasure. Just the thought of him brought a smile to her face and a tingle between her thighs.  She wanted to show him how much she was thankful. How much she enjoyed being with him.  Being his. God, he made her wet. She needed to make him feel so very good.  She wanted him to just relax and enjoy and let her please him.   Well, in her way.  She dressed very sexy in a little black dress and high black come fuck me heels, fishnet stockings, and black bikini panties.  She set the table for dinner and then sent him a text.  “Can’t wait till you get here baby…been thinking about you all day”.

He checked his phone and as soon as he read the message he smiled.  Thoughts of her filled his head and he  felt himself begin to get hard.  Still 15 minutes from home he text’d her back “what you been thinking?”  Eager to know. “I’m sure you will enjoy it. Let you know when you get here” she responded.

She met him at the door and kissed him, softly at first, then firm, and deep.  Their mouths together, their tongues exploring each others mouth.  She kiss him firmer.  Wrapping her arms around him. Kissing his mouth. Her tongue slipping in, sucking on his lips. Nibbling on them.  Her hunger increasing. She kissed him deep. Her tongue swirling in his mouth. Pressing to him. Feeling his reaction. Just how she wanted. She reached down and grabbed his ass as they kisses.  She kiss his neck and started to undo his belt. She led him to the couch and told him to sit back.  She walked over, bent over, exposing her sexy ass some, put some music on and began to move.  She danced for him. Sexy. naughty. His eyes on her aroused her. She could see by the growing bulge in his pants that she was doing the same. She moved closer to him. Flashing him a bit, pulling her skirt up to show her sexy ass, letting it fall a bit to expose her breasts.   Seeing his hand move to his lap she let it fall to the floor.  She sauntered over to him.  Turns around and shakes her sexy ass in his face, teasing him.  She turns and straddles his lap. Moving on him, gyrating on him.   Feeling that bulge press to her. Her hands on his chest, caressing, playing with his nipples.  She leans forward and kisses him, letting her tongue slip in his mouth, pinching his nipples firmer, making him moan in her mouth as she grinds on his cock. Feeling him swell and throb she slides down his body and nestles between his legs.  She undoes his pants and yanks them down to his ankles.  Her hand grasping that thick shaft as it strains thru the think cotton.  Loving how it looks, tracing the outline up and down.. that fat head leaking precum, making his shorts wet.  She lower her mouth and sucks the wetness from his shorts and nibbles on the head through the shorts making him squirm.  She reaches in his shorts with one hand and caress his large balls.  Sucking on the head through the fabric, making that cock strain. Teasing him, squeezing those balls in her hand. Tugging on them. Her hand moves up along his shaft, feeling his flesh. Rubbing. Stroking. Holding that thick cock in her hand.  She kissing his stomach and grabs his shorts with her teeth pulling them down to expose that cock.  His cock springs forth and she grabs the base firm.  Licking her lips. Looking up at him she teases. Stroking slow up and down, coating the entire shaft with his precum.  She nestles closer to him.  Looking up at him as she flicks her tongue out and licks his balls. Tonguing them, sucking on them, tugging on them all the while her hand glides up and down his cock. She squeezes his balls and runs her tongue up his shaft. Stopping at the head, she pause, flicks her tongue out to taste that drop of precum, then engulgs his fat head in her mouth. Taking him in, swirling her tongue around. Grapsing the base of his cock and sucking him good and hard. Up and down. Working that cock in her mouth. god she loved his cock.  She gripped his thighs and began to suck even harder, working down to the back and back up to the head. She lets it pop our of her mouth to catch her breath and then hungrily sucks it down again. She runs her hands and nails along his tight thighs, digging in as she works that magnificent cock.  The more she sucks the more she wants. Makes her so hot, so wet, Pleasing him likes this.  Hearing hes pleasure, his moans. mmmm That fat cock head swelling and throbbing in her mouth.. she plays with those balls, tugging on the as she sucks in and and out. Looking up at him.  Running her tongue down his shaft, down to his balls, licking and sucking around them, under them, squeezing them and flicking her tongue around them, then back up to that fat wet head. Sucking the precum from the tip. The engulfing his cock. Bobbing up and down on him. Sucking he deep, then all the way up to the head. Gripping him with her mouth. Sucking him like such a hungry slut. Moaning on his cock. sucking him deep. She bobs on his cock good. Reaching down to finger her pussy. So wet and hot sucking him. Taking him deep. Wanting his cream.  Needing to drink him.  Her hands explore his thighs. up and down running her nails along them.  Under them. Grabbing his ass. Squeezing it. Sucking that cock like a pro. Her hand exploring, her mouth working. Her fingers spread his cheeks, one hand grips his thigh, digging her nails into his flesh, her finger slipping into him, he flinches, and thrust in her mouth, she pushes firmer then relaxes and takes it in, feeling the sensation as she pushes deeper. As such sucks harder. Wanting. Needing his warm cum in her mouth. down her throat. Loving the feel of his fat cock head banging the back of her throat. Her finger working deeper in his tight ass. Making him moan, making his cock throb and tense. Then, she is deep, pressing to that spot, sending him over the edge, moaning grabbing her head, forcing her down on him. so goddamn deep.  She sucks and pulls, hungry, eager for that cream. He explodes with a wail.. grabbing her hair so fucking hard.. holding her on his cock, throbbing like it never has, taking him. sucking, drinking, moaning on him. Pleasing him. Swallowing all that he has to offer.  Feeling that warm cream flow down her throat. Warm her belly. Sucking every drop. Pleasing. Panting. Stroking, milking, mmm taking it all.

taking slave

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She rented a hotel room, checked in, left him a key, went to her room  and got ready. He told her to be ready at precisely 7:oopm.  She had 2 hours to shower, dress, and prepare for His arrival.  She knew what to do, she touched showered and shaved for Him. Feeling her smooth skin, touching herself a bit, letting her mind wander for a moment.  She finished showering and dried off. She knew  what to wear and she was getting nervous and a bit aroused as she dressed for him.  She put on some music and kept her eye on the clock as she slid the fishnet stockings, really spiderweb stockings,  and black high heels on.  She slipped on the thin bikini panty, barely covering her ass.  Looked in the mirror, hoping she looked ok.  Looking in the mirror, she  grabbed and tugged her nipples, slapped them a bit,  making them hard, she took out the clothespins and attached one to each nipple.  Wincing in pain a bit at first she soon got used to ache.  Making her wet. Next, she placed her ball gag, plug, vibe,  leather strap, and crop on the bed. As the clock neared 7:00 she was ready, nervous, wet, and ready.

She knelt  as instructed  and waited for his arrival.  Each moment past 7:00 making her heart race. She put her face down and ass up and waited for him. The sound of the door lock clicking open startled and aroused her. Goosebumps shoot down her back. She hears the door close and hears his deeps, sexy voice “Hello slave”, her heart racing, she breathed, never looking up, “Hello Master”.  He walked to her. Looking down upon her. Looked over to the bed .. “very nice” he said.  His initial approval making her wet. He takes the crop in his hand and moves toward her. Starting at her feet he traces it along her soles. Up to her heel, along the back of her ankle and calf, admiring her sexy legs.  He lays the crop upon her ass. Soaking in her beauty. Her perfect ass. So damn spankable. Without warning he struck her. The crop coming down on her white flesh. Striking her.  She gasped light, whimpered a bit, then felt his hand caress her ass. All over, then a slap, one on each cheek. His hand grabbing her flesh, his long fingers digging in. He spanked her hard. She whimpered and moaned as his hand came down upon her ass. Taking it. Loving it. Her body beginning to tremble. Her ass warming, stinging, her clit throbbing, one cheek then the other, for what seemed like a very long time. He stopped and ran his hand to her pussy. Cupping in his hand. Feeling the heat and wetnss. He push two fingers into her and grabbing her pussy with the others. “This is MY pussy” he told her as he finger fucked her from behind. Her ass a nice shade of red now, hot, she fucked back moaning. Such a hungry little slave. Moaning. Wanting. She fucked those fingers, feeling his fingers find clit, she moaned hard into the floor and began to beg. “Please, please”. He brings her close, rubbing her clit, making her beg more, “oh please sir”,”please let me cum”,  “of god, fuck, oh please sire.. I’m so close” , suddenly Master pulls his fingers out and tastes them.  “mmmmmm yes.. very nice” he says as she trembles on her hands and knees, shaking.  Then, his hand slaps her pussy. ONce, twice, three times, more and more making her cry out. Making her ache and whimper. Master takes the crop in hand again and trails it over her body. Smacks her ass with it, smacks her pussy, probes her lips and clit.  Master moves in front of her, reaches down and grabs her hair, pulls her head up.  Gripping her hair, he looks down upon her and strikes her ass with the crop. Looking into her eyes, deep into her eyes, he strikes her again.  Her eyes pleading, seeing that bulge in his pants.  “keep your head up” he orders.  Master unzips his pants and pulls his hard cock out. Her mouth parts, her eyes bulge, he slaps her face with the thick shave, runs that fat head over her lips, her tongue instinctily flicking at it, he pulls back, grabs the crop and strikes her ass. She knows not to do that again without permission.  On her hands and knees, head up, feeling Master’s cock on her face. her ass on fire, her pussy dripping, needing, Master pushing his cock into her mouth. Slowly, deliberately, deeper, making her take it all. Looking down upon her. His eyes on her. Watching that cock disappear. He holds it deep as he looks down upon her and strikes her ass with the crop. Alternating cheeks, he strikes her, again and again, making her moan and whimper on his cock.  Feeling Master in her mouth. Serving him. He begings to fuck her mouth. sliding that cock in and out. Using it like a pussy. Fucking it hard. His balls slapping her chin. she gasps and sucks and tries to please him. Wanting to take his seed. Wanting to drink him. Needing to please him.  fucking her mouth and striking her ass. Making her loose herself in the act of serving, pleasing, nothing else matters. He uses her mouth, drops the crop, and grabs the sides of her face. Looking down upon her. “YOU ARE MY SLAVE!” He tells her. “YOU ARE MY SLAVE!”, pushing that cock as deep as he can, holding her there, looking down, “YOU ARE MY SLAVE!” he tells her, she whimpers, sucking, “Take my seed MY slave” he tells her as he moans loud, “YESSSS,”YOU ARE MY SLAVE!” he boams as his cock swells and his balls thrust, exploding in her mouth, holding her on his cock. Making her take it all, he pumps her throat full of cum as she tries to swallow and swallow, some spilling from her mouth, so much cum, she licks and sucks and takes it. Pulling out, he shoots the last blast on her face and then puts the head back in her mouth to suck and clean him.  “YOU ARE MY SLAVE!” he tells her.  Putting his cock back in his pants.  He reachs in his pocket, pulling out the collar, looking down upon her.  “You have pleased me my dear” he reaches down, his hands around her neck, he fastens the collar upon her.  “YOU ARE MY SLAVE! Now and forever.” Tears stream down her face, feels Master touch her chin, crying, shaking, trembling, she orgasms, feeling complete.

Ride Home

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He’d been gone all week and she missed him.   Thought their late night phone calls getting hotter and hotter as the week went on, and they were missing each other, she had only cum once all week and she was in need. As his return approached she began to plot what she wanted.  Oh, She was so ready. So turned on. So very wet waiting for him to come home. And when he did, she was going to satisfy her need.

She dressed in a short skirt, fuck me black heels, tank top, no bra, and the sexy new pink panties she bought that barely covered her sweet ass.  She met him at the airport, walking through to get to baggage, feeling the eyes of strangers on her made her wet, made her nipples stand up.  She spotted him and waved. A big smile across his face, his eyes wide open, in awe, She kissed him deep and told him how much she missed him.  Took his hand, they grabbed his bag and she  led him to the car.   She could see the bulge in his pants already and a wicked smile comes across her face. She brushes up against him and leans up and kisses him again, her hand lightly toucing his hardening cock.  He kisses her back firm.  her hand grasps his hardness. She breaks the kiss and tells him “You drive”.  Handing him the keys.

They slip into the car and pull out of the parking lot. As soon as they are on the road her hand is on his lap moving toward that bulge.  She takes it in her hand and squeezes, making him throb.   Pulling his rock hard cock out. Stroking him.  She releases for a moment, hiking her skirt a bit, spread her legs to tease him, his hand on her thigh, she pushes it away telling him to keep his hands on the wheel.  Taking her hands and running them up down her thighs, higher and higher. That skirt up around her waist.  Showing him her pink panties.  Showing him how wet they are. She pulls them off and drops them in his lap.  She spreads her legs wide and begins to play with herself with one hand and hold his cock with the other. Holding. Squeezing. Stroking as she played with her pussy all the while telling him how wet she was. How hot her pussy is, how hard his cock is. How she is going to fuck him so good. He can barely speak. He tries to touch her again and she moves his hands away. this time sitting up a bit and leaning over. She lowers her head to his lap. “Mmmm yes, this is what I need” she tells him as she takes his fat head in her mouth. Sucking him in. Swirling her tongue around. Taking him deeper, making him squirm and now grip that wheel tight. She suck his cock, tasting him, teasing him, running her tongue up and down his shaft.  She slips it out of her mouth and strokes him lightly.  Sits up, grabs the base of his cock, adn tells him she can’t wait.  She straddles him as he tries to continue to drive. “Let me pull over” he insists, but too late, she mounted him. Guiding that shaft in her wet pussy. She sunk down with a moan and began to ride him. Grunting, holding onto his shoulders.  His hands on the wheel. Whispering in his ear “give it to me” she moans. “Fuck yes” she yells as she rides his hard cock. His foot pressing the accelerator as she rides him faster and harder, his hands gripping the wheel. Faster and harder she fucks him with lust and uncontrollable desire. Needing to feel him explode in her. Speeding past their exit he holds the wheel with one hand and grips her ass withthe other. Guiding her, feeling her, grabbing her. ready to explode in her.  she pushes down hard, squeezes him in her, making her jerk, making him pump, making him cum in her as she moans.  As she floods his lap in her own orgasm. Feeling him so deep. Holding him tight, taking all his cum.  Milking him. Working him. Whispering in his ear. Telling him she not done with him yet. She pulls off him.  sits back in the passenger seat.

“Now turn around and lets get home… I want more. ” she tells him, dipping er fingers in her pussy, taking them out, so wet with their juices, bringing it to her lips and sucking them in her mouth.  Reaching over, feeling his cock, still hard for her. She knew it was gonna be a good night.


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Come here sweetie. I miss you.  Miss you so very much. Miss looking at you. Holding you. Touching you. Come here baby. That’s my girl. So beautiful.  Love to just look at you. Come here, sit on my lap. Curl up with me. Feel me hold you. That’s it baby. My arms around you. Lay your head on my chest. Feel my hands begin to touch.. to caress you.  My warm breath on your neck sending chills down your back.  Feel me sweetie.  Feel my hand caress your leg. Up and down. Feel my lips so close to you. One hand on your thigh squeezing. Pressing into your flesh. “touch me, I love your hands on me.”Feel my lips brush your neck. Softly.  Lightly. Once.  Feel my hand brush your breasts. Your nipple hard.  your breath quickens.  Feel my lips meet your shoulder. A soft moan escapes your mouth. Softly. Once. Twice. Feel me kiss you softly. Slowly. along your neck. Up to your ear. Taking your earlobe in my mouth. My fingers circle your nipple. My hand caresses your thigh. Feel me. Kiss you. Softly. Slowly. Feel my mouth on your earlobe… nibbling as I pinch that nipple slightly. Feel you squirm on me. Feel me. My hands caresses your inner thigh. Lips upon your ear, lightly. My tongue glides along the edge. Feel you move. A  hand opens your thighs. Moving higher. So soft and smooth. Lips upon your neck. Kissing. Feel the tongue slide upon you. Turning your face to him. Looking in each others eyes. Lips touch. Tongues meet. Dance. Hands grab, his, hers, mouths pressed together. Deep. Sweet. Moist. A break to catch a breath.  Lust in the eyes. Passion. In Need. Kissing again.

Serving Her

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The time had come. He was so very nervous. Nervous yet so very aroused.  Finally she had agreed to meet him. After all this time. How he longed for it. How he desired her so. Like no other. She made him feel like he needed.  She knew how to push his buttons, make him weak, make him want, she teased him so. So very much. She teased, taunted, tormented him.  Entering his head. Making him break. Making him surrender to her, do things for her, please her  before she agreed to meet. then, making him wait, making him beg. Making him completely hers. Her toy. her pet. He wanted it.  She was stunning. Sexy, exotic,  incredible legs and ass,  and so very erotic. Her sexy dark hair flowed down her back. Her eyes intoxicating. her body exquisite. Her words aroused him so, her voice make him tremble in ecstasy, a simple voice mail from her had him standing at attention. Her commands were his desire.

He rang the bell and heard her voice call out to come in.  “Enter” she ordered. He opened the door and stepped inside. “Come here boy” he heard her say, not yet seeing her. He entered the living room and there she was. His Goddess. She was sitting on the couch, dressed in black bra, thigh high stockings, black panties, high heels, her nails long and painted red.  “Wow.” escaped his breath. “What was that?” she inquired.  Neervously, sheepishly, he muttered “nothing”.  The sight of her made him lose his breath, make his heart race, being here, with her, nearly overwhelming. He breathes, eyes cast down.  “Stop right there” her sexy voice tells him. His cock already hard, straining through his jeans. “Remove your clothes and get on your knees my pet. Present yourself to me. I want to see you in all your glory”.. she said with a sly, evil laugh.  Slightly embarrassed, “yes Maam” he responded.  And  removed his shirt, his nipples hard in the cool air, his nearly hairless chest, firm, taught, his hands went down to his jeans and unbuttoned, unzipped, and let them fall.  “Everything slave” she demanded. He pulled his boxer briefs down and out sprung his cock. Hard, at attention for her.  He tried to hide it.  “Move your hands away slut” she demanded. “I want to see all of you.””Come closer boy” she ordered. “Crawl over here like a good boy.” He dropped to all fours and crawled to his Master. She extended one leg, her heel in his face, he kissed it. Looked up at her for approval, as she nodded he licked to the heel. Sucking it in his mouth, running his tongue along it up and down. Up her shoe, along the edge, licking her toes threw them.  she uses his face to remove it and shoves her pantyhosed clad foot in his face. He kisses and and sucks. Her toes, one by one, then fitting more in his mouth, worshiping her foot. “such a good boy, didn’t know you were such a foot slut” she moans as she shoves her foot in his mouth. “My little bitch”.  Making him take more. Making him take it all in his mouth, “such it bitch” she demands. And he obliges. Naked on the floor sucking her foot as she desires. She pulls her foot out and wraps both of them around his neck.  She pulls him closer to her. As he nears she grabs his hair, pulls him harder, into her crotch. Then pulls his face up, slaps it, “such a good little whore you are”… She pushes him back and laughs.. “Now, stroke your cock for me” she demanded reaching over to grab a crop.  “Now” she orders as she whips the crop against his thigh.

He sat there on his knees pumping his cock, stroking for her as she walked around him. Looking down upon him.  Taking the crop and running it across his body. She sits in front of him and spreads her thighs.  Rubbing up and down.  Striking him across his thighs. Taking the blows against his thighs, marking his flesh, surrendering to her will.  Loving every moment. Wanting more. He stroked.  His cock leaking precum. Lubing his hand to pump. Hard. His cock swelling, His balls aching. Wanting to release but knowing he could only with her permission. Suddenly, he feels her bare feet around his cock. The painted toes clasping. His goddesses soles stroking him. He takes her precious feet in his hands and fucks them. His cock harder than its ever been. Just as he is about to explode on her feet she pulls away and whips his cock with the crop.  Lets out such a sexy, evil laugh, seeing him struggle, knowing he is not to cum without permission.  She runs the crop tip over his hardness, up and down. Teasing.

“Now boy, lets see what that tongue can do”. “Cum here” she ordered. And he crawled to her. She spread her thighs wide. “Start at my toes my little slut” she demanded. And he did. Kissing each toe. slowly. Softly. Kissing and sucking, one by one, swirling that tongue around them.. sucking each toe like a good boy. Kissing her feet. Running his tongue along them.  Pleasing her. To her ankles. Up her calves. His tongue lightly brushing. His lips kissing here and there.  Lifting her leg and kissing the back of her knee. His tongue darting out. Lingering.  he spreads her legs open. Parting those sweet thighs.  Looking up at her. He kisses her inner thigh.. one then the other moving his way up her legs to his sweet reward.  His hands touch her. he positions himself to begin his work. His mouth close now. so very close. her moans and whimpers, the feel of the crop oh his backside as his tongue worked closer and closer. She grabs his head and pushes it to her wetness.  She grinds her pussy on his mouth. Strikes his ass hard. Once, Twice, Three times. Moaning. “That’s a good boy” she moans.  Yanking on his hair. making him taste that sweet juice. “Good little pussy licker slut” she tells him. She grinds on him and moans. Flooding his face with her juices and climbs off her gasping slut. His cock throbbing and standing at attention.

She walks behind him, pushes him to the couch on his knees, grabs his wrists and ties them behind his back with rope.  Pulling very tight. She pushes his head down and puts her knee into his back, using her force to tie that rope good and tight. “Such a naughty boy you are” she tells him as she slaps his ass with her hand. “Yes Maam” he answers. “Say it” she orders as she slaps that ass again. making him tell her what a naughty boy he is.  “I’m a naughty boy” he confesses.  “Louder bitch” she demands. And he moans. Aches. “I’m a NAUGHTY BOY!” he screams in pain and pleasure. She moves and grabs the dildo and begins to strap it on. She moves into his line of site so he knows what is to come.  She brushes up against him. Her hands on him. Rubbing, exploring. Touching his chest. Pinching his nipples. She grabs his head and forces him down on that fake cock.  Fucking his mouth. Pulling out and laughing at him.  Rubbing that cock over his face. She moves behind him. Slaps his ass with her hand. grabs it. Pushes a finger into his tight hole making him moan.  “You like that don’t you bitch” she tells him. “Well, there is much more to cum my whore” she cackles.  grabbing his tight ass. Spreading those cheeks, she presses that cock to him, he flinches a bit, she grabs his hips and holds him. “Hold still, you know you want it” she moans. With that, she grabs him tight, and plunges in. He wails, moans, shudders, and she fucks. Fucks his ass. Good and hard.

His moans fill the air. His cock twitches. His balls so very tight, trying to hold back, is ass opening up for her. Overwhelmed in pleasure. Surrendering to her as she takes his ass. Takes him. Fucking. Making him moan and grunt. Reaching around and grabbing his balls, tugging on them as she fucks his ass. Owning him. Grabbing the base of his cock as she pushes deep. Holding him tight. Holding back his orgasm as she fills that tight ass. As she makes him wail.  making him beg. “You like that don’t you bitch” she asks.  Slapping his ass, fucking it hard, “you like that don’t you my whore. ” she pounds him.  “do you want to cum my toy?” she sinisterly asks.  a single “please” was all he could mutter.  She thrust deeper. As far as she could get that cock in his ass, and released her grip on the base of his big cock.  His balls twitches. His body convulsed, he moaned, wailed, and released.. a stream of hot cum pumped out of his cock, his balls throbbing, contracting and exploding , again and again as he feels his Mistresses hands on his ass, her nails digging into his flesh, that cock buried in him, cumming, more and more, emptying his balls, moaning, quivering, shaking, fucked.  her fuck toy.

and naughty girl makes 3

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Master’s slave needed more. Her hunger opened. Her fantasies unleashed. He had set her ablaze and now that fire was raging. The images in her mind, Master pushing her, making her reveal her inner needs.  Master’s assignments to watch porn, harder and harder, intoxicated her. Made her want things she never imagined. More than she ever did. And she was going to do them. To please her Master. To satisfy her hunger. Whatever Master wants, slave will give, will do, for she wants, no, needs it just as much.

Slave wanted to please her Master. Wanted to be naughty. Very naughty. Put on a show for him. But this time, she would not be alone. Slave had met a very naughty, submissive, girl and she was going to play with her for her Master. Play.. yes.. play, use.. do what she wanted to the little slut. She needed to fulfill her desires of using a naughty slut, to show Master her need and lust, to show him what he has done to her.

She sat Master down and served him a drink. She told him to please allow her to please him. To show him what a good and naughty whore she was. Fulfilling, not  only her desire, but her Master’s as well.  She was dress in just her panties, thigh high stockings, and high heels.  Her nipples were at attention.  She knelt before him. Between his legs and soon his cock was in her mouth. She sucked lie a good little slut. Making her Master hard. She looked up at him.. “with Master’s permission, I would like to show you something” she asked.

Master’s slave rose. “I wish to please you in every way Master, I want to show you ” she said.  Then, she clapped her hands and in walked a sexy little tart.  Blonde hair, sweet and innocent looking, perky breasts, and sweet ass. The young lady entered and knelt beside slave. “this is our pet” master’s slave said.  “I will use her for you master, prepare her for you.”  With that Master’s slave put a leash on her and pushed her on all fours.  Slave produced a gag and proceeded to gag their pet.  Then, she blindfolded her.  Gagged. Blindfolded. Slave made the pet crawl. Slapping her ass. Telling her she belong to her and her Master. That she was nothing. That she was here to please them both.  A slut. A whore.  Making her crawl. Spanking her ass, making her pussy wet. Slave made her stop in front of Master. Face down, ass up.  Slave took her dildo and pressed it to pets wet pussy making her squirm. “I am going to fill your cunt with this toy, Master’s watching. His cock getting hard for you slut. You should be honored.” pet mummble thru the gag.

Master’s slave begin fucking her tight wet hole with a dildo. Using it.  The more she slid that toy in and out of her wet pussy the more pet fucked her back. Getting behind her, pressing her body to their pet, her nipples against her back, pulling her hair, her head back, exposing her beautiful neck, and kissing her.  Master watching in awe.. his cock throbbing.  Stroking it. Seeing his slave use this naughty slut. She begins to suck and bite her flesh.  Sucking, biting. Slave  wraps her arms around her, touching her breasts.  Her fingers touching just the tip of her nipples. She moans. One hand slides down to feel her. How wet she is getting. Slave plays and touches  her clit a bit roughly making her squirm in her arms.  Pet moans . Slave holds her close and tight. Making her spread her lips so she can feel her clit.  She slaps it a few times, then rubs and pulls on her clit.  She slide her other hand down her backside caressing her ass,  sliding a finger in her hole. In and out rubbing that clit, take off her gag and kiss her deep, so deep, tongues touching hungrily.  fucking her pussy with 3 fingers. Making this little slut moan loud. Making he rpussy drip for Master. Master watching, hard and ready. Slave stops, gets up. Gets in front of her spread herself wide and tells her to taste that pussy. Makes her taste it.  Grabbing her head and shoving it between her legs. Making her lick that wet pussy like the hungry slut she is. Showing Master this little slut will do whatever she is told. Slave reaches and grabs hold of Master’s cock and begins to stroke it as she is being licked. She pumps her Master and feels the sluts tongue work her clit. Grinding on her mouth. “that’s it you little bitch, suck that pussy”.  “I want my Master to taste my pussy on your face slut. Suck it good.” she moans and grinds her face on her little sluts face. Gripping her Master’s cock hard. She presses on pets face. The little sluts tongue working slave’s clit.  She grinds on her mouth.  Master sitting back and enjoying.. His cock rcok hard and leaking precum.. His slave seeing this, licking her lips, the hungry slut couldn’t take it any longer.  She lowers her mouth to Master. Kiss that fat head. Sucking that fat cock in her sweet, sexy mouth. Straddling the sluts mouth and sucking her Master’s cock put her in heaven.  Master grabbed the back of her head and forced his big cock deep in her mouth. His hips thrusting in and out. Fucking her mouth as their naughty pet licked and sucked on slave’s clit. Slave sucked Master’s cock, and clasped her thighs around their naughty girls face. She shook, and moaned. Pulling on that cock, she gasped and moaned louder. “Oh god yes, suck MY pussy slut” she shouted, grinding, fucking the little tarts mouth. “oh fuck, Master, she is going to make me cum!”  She clamped her thighs around her head, gripped her Master’s thighs, threw her head back and quivered. She came moaning.  Her pussy leaking, so fucking much, flooding that sluts mouth and face, grabbing Master’s thighs, shaking, cumming, more and more.

Master’s cock hard and throbbing, he was definitely in need and his slave knew it by the look in his eye.  She took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom with their naughty pet following.  Slave laid him down on the bed and ordered the little bitch to suck Master’s cock.  the little whore hungrily swallowed his shaft. Sucking Master good. Up and down. Slurping on it.  Master’s slave shoved her fingers in the sluts pussy and finger fucked her as she sucked Master.  Slave slipped her fingers out and fed them to Master. Mmmm meeting Master’s approval. Slave ordered the little whore to straddle Master’s face facing front. She lowered her legs around Master’s face and Master hungrily sucked on her pussy. the little slut moaned and ground on Master’s face. Slave then straddled Master’s hard cock. Rubbing that fat head against her pussy. then, guiding it in. Taking that big cock in her tight pussy. Moaning. Making moan on that sluts pussy.  Slave and pet facing each other. They touch. Playing with each others breasts and nipples. Lean in and kiss. Their lips together as one pussy rides Master’s mouh and the other his cock.  Pet grinds in need on Masters mouth and slave begins to fuck that cock good.  Fast, hard, deep. Reaching down to feel the sluts wet pussy on Master’s mouth.  Slave rubs her clit as she grinds on Master’s mouth. Making her moan. Master’s tongue and slaves fingers making pet loose it. Making her cum on Master’s hungry mouth.  Feeling her pet pinch her nipples and rub her clit as she rides Master. Making slave cum all over that cock.  Slave gets her fingers wet and brings them to her mouth. Mmmm moaning at the taste of that pussy and the feel of that cock in her.  Wanting more slave slips off Master’s cock “get off him btich” she orders, and grabs the naughty pet by the hair. Pulls her off her Master’s mouth and orders her to lay back on the bed.  Slave ties her with her head hanging over the edge.  Master positions himself to fuck the little whores mouth. Feed her that cock and make her clean all of slaves juices off it. As Master teases the little slut with his cock, popping that fat head in and out, slave begins to toy with her body again. Fingering her pussy and playing with her clit.  Kissing her thighs and wet lips.  Master fucks the sluts mouth, making her gasp and moan. She is squirming. Master holds that cock deep in her throat as slave fingers her pussy. “this pussy is fucking wet” slave tells Master. “Then taste it again my slave” Master tells her as he pushes her head down between their pets legs. Making her taste it again.  Master pulls his cock out of the sluts mouth and moves behind his slave. Grabs her hips and slaps her ass. Pushing her face down in that pussy. Making her eat it. He pushes his cock in her. Slapping her ass again and pushing deeper. He fucks that tight pussy as his slave licks their pets wetness.  Master fucks her harder. Slamming into her. Holding her head down between those thighs. Pet moaning, begging to be used. Master’s slave lifts her head for a moment “fuck me Master, fuck me while i suck this wet pussy for you., fuck me HHHHHAAAAAAAAAAARrrrrrD! ” she moans.. Mater slams that cock in and out of her. Slaps that ass. fucks that pussy hard. Making her moan. Moan on that sluts pussy. Making their slut buck and grind on slave’s mouth. Making her cum on slave’s mouth. Master’s hand in slave’s hair. Forcing her down between those thighs. Making her lick more, taste more, lick more pussy. Pet moans more. shaking. “Fuuuuuuuuck” she screams as she cums again on slave’s mouth. The hungry bitch lapping up that pussy juice as Master slams her. Master pulls her up.. “You like that don’t you slave.” he says. “mmm oh yes, Master, yes”  she moans.  Master fucking her harder. “You are my whore.. My slut. mmmm such a  good whore..” He grabs her hips and slams deep.  “MY  naughty bitch!” he moans as he explodes. emptying his balls in his slave… ” fuck yes..!” Master says.  filling that pussy with his seed till every drop is in her.  He pulls out and slave moves up to their pets mouth and feeds her. Making her suck Master’s cream from that pussy. Making her taste all their juices.  then slave kisses pet. Licking her face, unties her and crawls up in bed with Master. they all lay together, touching, giggling, caressing. mmmmm yes.